Vodacom M-Pesa, secure way to transfer money

Vodacom M-pesa is a product brand which has swept through the financial markets like wildfire. M-pesa has received a warm and incredible welcome since it entered the markets and its growth levels has been short of breathtaking. M-pesa has raised the stakes in sending and receiving money.

M-pesa is a mobile money wallet that allows customers to store their money safely, access it easily, send money anywhere affordably and get airtime benefits. In partnership with arguably South Africas biggest mobile communications company Vodacom, the Vodacom m-pesa was launched.

This innovative money transfer platform allows users to transfer money into your m-pesa wallet from any bank account, deposit and withdraw money at any authorised Vodacom m-pesa shop, store money in your m-pesa wallet without any monthly fees. Others are the withdraw of money at any SASWITCH ATM, at authorised retailer POS devices or at participating shops, pay for goods in store using the prepaid m-pesa Visa card where applicable, transfer m-pesa funds to anyone in South Africa with a cellphone and buy airtime from your cellphone.

The requirements to have m-pesa wallet are very simple, you must be an active Vodacom subscriber, have a South African identity book and be 16 years and above. You can register for m-pesa wallet by dialing *111# and follow the instructions or by going to a m-pesa shop with your South African identity book.

With Vodacom m-pesa, money transfer will never be the same again.

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