Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People in South Africa

Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People in South Africa – V rentals, vehicle hire specialists

Vehicle ownership is quite often the ultimate goal for many people. There are however circumstances which hamper on the prospect of full ownership of a motor vehicle but rather necessitate the practice of renting. Some of the mitigating factors which go against full vehicle ownership include affordability, trying to transport huge groups of people and short-term visitation reasons. One business house which is catering for these needs is V rentals.

V rentals has become a specialist in providing cash rentals, rent to own, facilitating group tours or even assisting blacklisted individuals to own a car or van. The added benefit of dealing with this firm is that credit and debit card bookings are also readily offered.

Cash rentals derives its name from the fact that it can be facilitated without the necessity of a credit card or insurance. Through this, clients are offered a selection of vehicles at low rates for any duration of hire, with a list of mileage options from 100km free a day to unlimited kilometers on weekend rentals and hire periods exceeding 3 days.

For those traveling as a large group, a team of experts with tested knowledge and experience are more than happy to offer advise on the best and most cost-effective vehicle options. A travel route is also mapped out and offered on top of this service.

Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People in South Africa Rent to own has been tailored in such a way that it affords clients the ability to own the vehicle after a pre-agreed rental period.This offer gives flexibility to pay a monthly amount which can be used to offset the cost of the vehicle.The added benefit with this option is that it includes all services and maintenance.

Low deposit car rental options are offered to debit and credit card clients.The zero excess rental contract gives peace of mind and the extensive network across the country allows for easy vehicle sourcing suiting any client budget and taste.

V rentals can be counted on for unbeatable vehicle rental offers in South Africa. Contact can be made on 0312084826.

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