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Ombudsman South Africa – Tax

Ombudsman South Africa. Tax is a financial charge or levy imposed upon a taxpayer  by the state. The ramifications or consequences of not complying with legal tax obligations as an individual or even institution can be severe. Tax authorities have been empowered by law to impose heavy sanctions if need be and in worst case scenarios even institute court proceedings which can result into imprisonment for those found guilty. In a huge and complex economic structure like the South African one, It is not surprising that a good number of tax payer complaints are recorded and sometimes not even resolved by the South African Revenue Service (SARS). In a bid to provide an alternative in resolving these complaints from taxpayers, the tax ombudsman’s office was established.

The South African tax ombudsman’s office has been created  to handle tax related complaints which can not be resolved through the governments internal system. This office is expected to provide simple remedy for taxpayers who have legitimate complaints that relate to administrative matters, poor service or the failure by SARS to observe taxpayer rights. While the tax ombudsman is not expected to review legislation or tax policy, the office will review complaints and if necessary resolve them through mediation or conciliation with SARS officials.

The tax ombudsman will indeed provide taxpayers a fair hearing.
Tax Ombudsman