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Standard Bank Insurance

In keeping with Standard Bank’s high standards and outstanding service, the award winning bank brings you Standard Bank Insurance.
They have a wide range of policies that are convenient to access and come with a selection of benefits for you, their valued customer.

Standard Bank’s Home Insurance policy on offer covers your home and associated fixtures, at a number of levels, from damage including that caused by natural disasters. They even provide legal assistance for you as an employer in the event you may need to compensate your domestic worker after an accident or the said worker takes you to the CCMA.

Many unexpected incidents can leave you at risk of being unable to settle your debts. Standard Bank Insurance for your Loans is available to cover your Vehicle and Asset Finance debt in the unfortunate event of disability (temporary or permanent) dread disease, retrenchment or death.

This makes them also provide Insurance for your Health, whereby there is guaranteed payout. It does not require any medical examination and covers only accidents, making it a convenient policy for people less likely to qualify for life cover.

Being famous for that personal touch, they respond immediately via sms right after claim registration, also providing you with the name of your personal consultant. They further find quotations and appoint a contractor from our panel of reputable suppliers.