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Retail capital, small business loans

Funding for small business. Retail capital is the brand that the business community have come to know and appreciate. Established in January 2011, Retail capital was formed to provide small businesses with an accessible, flexible and convenient alternative to traditional small business loans.

The motivation behind retail capital is the significant role played by small businesses in job creation and promoting economic growth. Research information in South Africa has shown that 65% of the country’s employment and 50% of the country’s GDP comes from the small business sector. Research has also shown that one of the biggest challenges of running a business is cash flow.

The cash flow challenge is what brought Retail Capital on the scene. The Retail Capital cash advance is accessible,flexible and convenient. This advance does not require security and there are no restrictions on the use of the funds which are made available within 10 days. Whether you want to grow your business, take advantage of an opportunity, upgrade or fix equipment or simply need cash flow support through a difficult trading period, Retail Capital provides that financial assistance.

The Retail Capital cash advance is provided based on your business’s average cash turnover, then the total amount to be paid over is agreed and calculated as a fixed percentage, the advance is paid into a clients bank account, each day the client is obliged to pay over the agreed percentage until the full amount is reached.

With Retail Capital, Accessing capital has become easy. Retail Capital can be contacted on 0217029900.

Funding for small business