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First for Women Loans

Whether you are a mother, a housewife or simply a young woman starting your life, and you would like a bit more financial freedom, a First for Women Personal Loan is for you. You can get up to R150 000 to consolidate your accounts, complete that dream kitchen, or pay for your children’s educations.
A 1st for Women loan is tailored to suit your needs: Choose any amount from R2000 to R150 000; choose your repayment term from 12 months to 5 years; and your repayments are fixed so there is no worrying about interest rate fluctuations.

All you need to apply is:
• Your identity document
• Details of the bank account into which your salary is being paid
• Clear credit references
• A consistent monthly income of at least R3 000 (and if you’re self-employed proof of income will be required)

Face-to-face interviews, long queues and unnecessary paperwork are all a waste of time, especially with our fast pace living. That’s why you can apply online anytime or call 0861 222 677, from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

First for Women Car Insurance

Women should not have to pay higher car insurance premiums just because they’re women. Plus, men are said to take more risks on the road, not necessarily making them better drivers. A company that takes this knowledge to heart is First for Women.

First for women car insurance sets out three options to choose from: Comprehensive, fire & theft and third party only.

Comprehensive Car Insurance gives you an all-inclusive insurance policy that covers your vehicle against most risks, such as if it were to get stolen, or broken into. Any self-damage plus a third party’s damage and cost is also covered in a case where you may have caused an accident.

Fire and Theft protects your car against theft and fire-related damages, as well as damages you may have caused to another person’s car during an accident. This option does not cover any damages to your vehicle you have caused yourself.

Third Party Only has been designed to cover expenses, costs, damages or injuries you have caused to another person or vehicle during an accident. This is the only option out of the three that does not include towing and storage.

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First for Women Car Insurance