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Credit Health, professional debt services

Professional debt services – Credit history and worthiness is a big factor in a well-managed economic system like South Africa. A bad or good credit report can be the difference between obtaining credit or not from many financial institutions. It is for this reason that Credit Health South Africa came on the scene.

Credit Health assists thousands of clients in understanding their credit record and credit health. This process involves empowering consumers with information and knowledge of personal credit information through a well prepared and comprehensive 3 in 1 credit report. This report contains such critical information like credit scores, credit history and default information.The credit report contains information from Transunion, XDS, Experian and Compuscan for the Credit Health Complete which allows clients to gain access to information that is held by the leading credit bureaus in South Africa. So by having this report, clients get to find out what potential credit providers are seeing when assessing credit records.

Apart from the credit health complete which has complete current credit information, their clients can also use debt negotiation service which helps consumers save by up to 30% off the settlement of overdue accounts, the score product unlocks the numbers behind your score.

Credit Health can indeed be counted on for accurate and helpful credit information products. This institution can be contacted on 0861200201.

Credit Health