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Absa wealth management

Absa wealth management, focused on preserving wealth

Absa bank is one of South Africa’s top three banks. This banks core focus for many years has been the provision of products and services which contribute to wealth creation at individual as well as institutional level. Over the years however, there has been a realisation that wealth extends beyond mere money. Absa believes elements of investment decision-making combined with emotional comfort is what constitutes real wealth. In a bid to make a contribution in this regard, Absa introduced the wealth management service.

Wealth management consists of solutions advice and solutions which mostly cater for private banking and investment management. These solutions are broken down into wealth, unit trusts, linked investments, stock brokers and private client portfolios.

Wealth services are tailored for the ultra-high net worth and family office clients and provides holistic wealth solutions, using best of breed products, wealth management, investment management, risk management and structured lending. Unit trusts can be started from as little as R100 or even R1,000 per month. Unit trusts are offered in form of international equity, asset allocation, fixed interest and money market unit trusts. Linked investments are created to meet investment needs prior to and during retirement. Stockbroking solution offers investors a professional trading service for buying and selling shares and exchange funds on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Private client portfolios are for clients with unique needs and preferences and this is focused on building and preserving wealth over the long term.

For all these wealth management solutions, Absa can be contacted on 0116479874.

Absa franchise finance, facilitating business loans

The provision of suitable finance to the South African business entrepreneurship sector has remained as one of Absa’s strongest passions. With many years of experience in the financial and banking industry, Absa understands that a healthy and thriving micro business sector has the potential to spur a community or country towards great economic milestones. In South Africa, small and micro enterprises contribute between 27% and 34% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). A bulk of these micro enterprises are run as franchise businesses.
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Absa vehicle finance, car empowerment solution

Vehicle finance – Absa bank is among South Africa’s top five banks with services and products which range from retail banking, housing loans, education loans, etc.There is however one product which has made tremendous impact in the local market. In a fast developing economy like South Africa, mobility for businesses and individuals is of immense importance. It is for this reason that Absa bank has tailored the car finance facility for clients.
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The preserved ABSA Private Banking

ABSA Private Banking – Real and sustained hard work in life has always been rewarded with progress and success in any sphere of life. There are so many yardsticks to measuring success but there is also one pointer that speaks quite louder than  the others and that is the amount of wealth one has acquired in his lifetime. One institution that clearly understands this is Absa bank. This clear understanding has prompted this renowned bank to innovatively create private banking solutions. Absa believes that hard earned financial resources and wealth need to be given the right environment in which these resources can grow even further, be protected and also be preserved. Absa believes the private banking solutions are the ultimate in one on one relationship banking suitable for local and international banking standards. Perhaps the question at this point should be what exactly does the Absa private banking platform offer?

ABSA Private BankingAbsa Private Banking Solutions – The banking solutions category offers the private banking exceller package which offers not only daily banking expectations but also preferential access to selected lifestyle and travel benefits. There is also the private banking Marhaba package which is a Shariah-compliant account which allows for access to a dedicated Islamic private banker, it also offers world class travel and lifestyle benefits which includes a 1% cash reward on card purchases. Private banking transactional account offers another alternative and serves everyday banking needs.

Absa Private banking Wealth Solutions – This is meant to help clients realise their full wealth creation potential but also help them protect their wealth. It has three different packages which are suitably named as wealth creation, wealth preservation and wealth protection. The wealth protection in particular offers insurance cover to clients.

Absa Private banking Finance Solutions – This solution has different packages like the private banking universal which has universal applications. Private banking package combines banking and lending solutions into one by way of a transactional and loan account with a credit line. Private banking practice management account is solely focused on managing and growing a clients practice. Private banking vehicle finance is a vehicle finance solution that takes care of the entire vehicle purchase process. Private banking home loan addresses private banking home loan requirements which is facilitated through a private banker.

Absa Private banking Offshore Solutions – This one caters for clients international offshore savings portfolio whether its on a permanent or temporary basis. A private banker assigned for such an account  will ensure clients are granted easy access and absolute control to their wealth and savings.

With this unique product offering, hard earned financial resources are indeed being rewarded with exclusive banking. To enjoy the benefits of this relationship based partnership, clients need to be earning an annual gross income of R750000.

Absa can be contacted on 0860 553 553.

Absa Student Loans

Education is a fundamental part in growing up to achieve financial stability and self-purpose. In society, tertiary education is important yet so many struggle get the funding for it.Society cannot function without educated people. Therefore, to ensure a growing and functioning society, Absa provides student finance.

If you have applied to study or if you have already started studying, a student loan from Absa will help you gain the focus you need in order to complete it. Absa loans take off the further stress about worrying how you will pay for your education. These loans cover fees, textbook bills and other similar costs.

While studying, you only pay the interest and once you have completed your studies, do you actually repay the loan. There is also a grace period for those students who have to complete a period of internship following graduation.
In order to qualify for a student loan, you will have needed to obtained matric and are enrolled or in the process of enrolling as a student at University, University of Technology, Private College or FET College. You will also need proof of earnings, a copy of your ID and your banking details.

To apply go into any Absa branch, or call 0860 100 372

Absa ATM Loan

Are you stressed? Do you need timely financial relief? What’s easier than being able to take out a loan directly from an ATM? This is what Absa offers their valued customers.

It is the easiest way to get a loan and to find out whether you actually qualify for one or not. Nothing is worse than going to a traditional financial provider, standing in long queues and filling out long forms just to be told that you do not qualify for a loan. That’s why if you’re an existing Absa customer, it becomes easier for you when you’re able to apply for a personal loan through internet banking, cellphone banking, at an Absa ATM or if you prefer at your nearest branch.

If the ATM loan is paid within a month, there are zero interest charges. Only a small start-up fee is applied on all ATM loans. This loan has very low processing requirements and formalities, for they only check your credit history and access to online banking.

When applying through any ATM machine across South Africa, and once approved, the money is available instantly in your account.

Head down to any Absa ATM today
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