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AA car insurance

The Automobile Association of South Africa, AA, is well known for offering vehicle orientated products and services; so it only makes sense that they also provide you with comprehensive vehicle Insurance for your car and other vehicle owners.

Standing by their excellent reputation; they offer tailor-made cover for individual needs.
We know our clients do not own only vehicles, so we also provide you with Home Insurance, Credit Protection, and Credit Shortfall Protection.
The Car and Home Insurance packages cover for damage, theft and accidents. In the Car Insurance policy includes: towing, storage, car hire, discounts on advanced driving courses and tracking device installations.

The AA Credit Protection protects clients in the event of temporary or permanent disability, and retrenchment due to hospitalisation; if they render you unable to pay your car installments. It further covers your family for the installments should you die.
The Credit Shortfall Protection pays the difference between your outstanding debt on your car and the pay out amount your insurance policy pays if your car is a write off.
AA car insurance

Telephone: +27 (011) 799 1001
Fax: 086 524 2251
Email: aasa@aasa.co.za