Standard Bank: South Africa’s Global Bank

Dating back to 1857, Standard Bank is widely regarded as the spring board of financial services in South Africa. In the last one and half centuries, the bank has transferred itself from a colonial bank to a global financial major with extensive operations in 40 Asian, African, American, and European countries outside South Africa.

Johannesburg-based Standard Bank offers a range of banking, investment, insurance, risk management and credit services. Its consultancy services are eagerly sought by investors looking to invest in Africa. The bank offers easy and convenient retail banking, saving and borrowing in South Africa based on sophisticated universal banking competencies.
Many consider Standard Bank as the torchbearer of modern South African financial sector. The bank has been a major contributor to the national and continental economy. Its branches positioned in 18 African countries, including South Africa, offer consumers and business enterprises effective banking access in emerging markets of Africa.

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