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Pick n Pay smart shopping, shopping with benefits

The retail sector has radically changed over the years from what it traditionally used to be.The advent of the internet age has brought about trends such as Omnichannel retailing, Social Media retailing, New retail careers as well as Mobile apps and payment systems. These trends have impacted on consumer behaviour and allowed consumers to take control of their purchase decisions. In a bid to be part of this development, renowned retail giant Pick n Pay introduced smart shopping.

Smart shopping is a term that refers to promotion related retailing and sales which allows consumers to enjoy price savings. Pick n Pay smart shopper facility allows consumers to receive savings on their next purchase, switch the savings to Avios for cheaper travel or even donate points to charity.

Consumers interested in this shopping model sign up online, fill in a form in-store or register at the smart shopper kiosk.Then they can use the smart shopper kiosk in-store to view points balance and even select exclusive vouchers before shopping to boost points. Pick N Pay also runs points promotions in store with a number of offers exclusive to smart shoppers. It is also in the clients best interest to swipe the card at the till every time they shop to earn points and hand vouchers to the cashier.The gained points can be used to purchase anything in-store from groceries, clothing, airtime or even paying utility bills.

The Pick n Pay smart shopping model is truly giving consumers benefits. Pick n Pay can be contacted on 0800112288.
If you have any questions you may want to view the FAQ’s here

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