Pick n Pay small business incubator

Small business incubator – Pick n Pay was established in 1967 with a vision of being a leading retail store. Today Pick n Pay is rated as the second largest supermarket chain store in South Africa with a strong and extended business footprint in other countries around Southern Africa in countries such as Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola etc. While the existence of this giant brand has mostly been focused on retailing, the many years of experience gained has allowed Pick n Pay to be well positioned to assist in building other businesses in the micro sector. The end product of this desire has been the creation of the small business incubator.

The small business incubator is a dedicated division that is focused on encouraging and assisting small black businesses in becoming sustainable suppliers to the retail industry. Through this innovative incubator, emerging companies are assisted. This is achieved by providing mentorship at all levels of the business process. Mentorship skills provided include health, safety, hygiene, ethical employment and accounting practices, marketing principles, buying and negotiating techniques and other life skills.

Closely tied to the work of the incubator is the enterprise development foundation and the transformation department. Enterprise development foundation addresses financial challenges that organisations may face to ensure they remain long-term suppliers to the industry. Transformation department looks into growth opportunities for new BEE suppliers and going the extra mile by making sure all Pick n Pay buyers across the country introduce new BEE suppliers to their category.

The Pick n Pay business incubator is poised to drive business growth in South Africa.

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