Optimum Savings Account

Nedbank optimum savings accounts

Optimum Savings Account, Nedbank has picked innovation as a guiding principle in the provision of its products and services. With a clientele which is diverse in age, race and financial status, this bank has endeavored to cater for them all. One product offering introduced to cater for a particular group of clients is the optimum savings accounts. This account has been designed for clients who are 55 years and older who have at least R10,000 invested in a Nedbank fixed or notice deposit account.

This account offers great features and benefits such as exemption from most transaction and maintenance fees, interest rates are identical to those of an ordinary savings deposit account, interest is earned on all credit balances, it’s an attractive method of saving funds at market related rates, while at the same time allowing for immediate access to funds. You can transact or make enquiries on your account via any ATM or self-service terminal at any Nedbank branch, over the internet or via telephone banking.

The qualification requirements for this account include the fact that you must be 55 years old, you need to have at least R10,000 invested in a Nedbank fixed or notice deposit account, R50 opening deposit is required, R30 minimum balance is to be maintained at all times or the accumulated charges, whichever is the greatest.

To apply for this account, Nedbank can be contacted on 0860115060.