Money saving tips – Student finance saving tips

Money saving tips – Life for old and new students alike can be fun and the temptation to spend is very high. There are various reasons put forward for this approach to finances by students but one of them is the fact that there is a lot of peer pressure within the student population. There are however certain saving tips which can assist any student make the much-needed savings.

Budget during the first weeks of the term – It’s hard to budget when you are keen to have fun, but it is worth holding off on extravagant spending early on and go out, spend and celebrate at the end of the term when you are sure the term is done.

Plan meals in advance – Fast food in restaurants will significantly impact your finances. Preparing food at home or in the hostel is a great way to save money over the week.

Capitalise on student discounts – Being a student opens doors to a great amount of discounts. These discounts are also offered in forms of cards by different retailers. These can go a long way in saving finances.

Travel smarter – Traveling home, to school or visiting friends can be costly. The good news however is that there are different means of transportation which are cheap and affordable. If you have a private car, you can offer seats to paying passengers.

Dispose off items – Your old clothes and books are surprisingly very valuable. So when you are sure that a books future is to sit and gather dust, head to Amazon to trade it for a gift card. You can also rid yourself of old clothes at eBay.

Buy non-branded – There is a significant difference in prices between branded and non branded produce. Avoiding the household names can mean a hefty saving on filling the fridge, so you’d be wise to look beyond the labels.

Get paid to do stuff – Getting a job that takes a lot of your time while studying can be quite difficult but there are other less time-consuming job opportunities such as online surveys or market research focus groups which can go a long way in supplementing your finances.

The above tips should be able to help students have healthy finances at that level of life.

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