Momentum Investments, the trusted partner

Momentum has distinguished itself as a reliable financial institution which is mainly concerned with the financial wellness of South Africans. Momentum has dedicated itself to the provision of products and services which assist clients fulfil lifelong financial needs within their budgets and individual circumstances. One of the ways in which it has cultivated this financial wellness culture is by allowing responsible and stress free investing.

With over R332 billion assets under the Momentum management, Momentum offers  investment platforms such as Momentum Asset Management, Momentum Alternative Investments, Momentum Collective Investments, MET Collective Investments, Momentum Global Investment Management and Momentum Manager of Managers. All the Momentum investment platforms offer superior long-term track record, institutional focus on risk management, skill, experience and depth of investment team, track record of zero operational losses or errors, responsibility for decision-making and firm commitment to the company’s direction. Through the Collective Investments, they believe that there is a strong correlation between investment performance and the quality of investment decisions made. It is for this reason that this business provides the right support structure and information so that clients can make quality investment decisions.

This organisation provides clients with the support and resources of a larger group which cannot always be offered by smaller companies in the financial field. Momentum can be contacted on 0115051000.

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