Mercedes Benz Insurance Solutions

Mercedes Benz is a pricey but reliable and luxurious brand. It is therefore not a coincidence that this esteemed automobile brand understands the importance of protecting various investments with the best possible protection available. It is for this reason that Mercedes Benz financial services has decided to provide  insurance policies which provide great benefits to the client.

Mercedes provides passenger vehicle insurance and home insurance.

Under the passenger vehicle insurance, Mercedes offers comprehensive motor insurance which is broken down into Execu protect and Value protect. The Execu protect is a premium product which provides for vehicle replacement within first 12 months in the event of total loss. This policy provides for repairs to be done at all times in accordance with manufacturer specifications with only manufacturer approved parts. This policy also includes automatic inclusion of vehicle sound and navigation equipment and cover is provided even in the absence of additional tracking or anti-theft devices. In an unfortunate event of an accident, policyholders enjoy 24/7/365 accident service support. The Value protect is a standard product which provides for vehicle repairs at all times in accordance with manufacturer specifications. This policy does not require additional tracking or anti theft devices and there is 24/7/365 accident service support.

The Mercedes home insurance provides two unique policies which are Execu home and Value home. The Execu home and Value home provides clients with a unique opportunity of insuring different valuables under one policy. These valuables includes all vehicles, motorcycles, boats, caravans, jet-ski’s etc. These policies also cover all buildings including holiday homes and contents of all buildings. Specified valuables like jewellery are covered world-wide and there is also automatic cover of business equipment at home. There is also cover for accidental damage. The great benefit to clients is that these policies are flexible and provided at flexible rates.

For these insurance products, Mercedes Benz can be contacted on 0861324653.

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