Medical loans

Medifin financial services, providing healthcare loans

Healthcare is something that mankind can’t do without. Health matters are also challenges which are most of the time unforeseen which puts enormous pressure on finances to seek quality medical care. The solution for many individuals and families is to get medical plan in place to reduce the financial burden in moments of need. One organisation assisting many in this regard is Medifin financial services.

Medifin was established about 20 years ago with a vision of providing medical finance for many South Africans and assist them to proceed with their desired, if not critical medical procedures without being held back. The medical loan product was launched in 2012, to-date this product has reached over 1500 medical and dental practices with over 800 practices being serviced on a regular basis. Medifin provides clients with the means to have the cosmetic or elective surgery they desire at affordable rates and terms accompanied by great customer service.

Clients seeking this finance simply have to consult the doctor and know when and how much the procedure will cost, apply for finance, Medifin then does a quick credit check and affordability assessment with clients consent and then issue a quote and an agreement. Other qualification requirements include copy of ID, proof of residence, proof of income by way of showing the most recent pay slip and three months bank statements.

Medifin can be contacted on 0861000808.

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