Investec personal finance products

Investec is an international specialist banking and asset management group which was established in 1974. With current listings on the London Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, this financial institution has established a stable business presence in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia providing a range of products and services to a diverse clientele. Investecs personal finance products and services include asset finance, motor vehicle finance, personal loans, professional practice and equipment finance as well as specialised finance.

Asset finance are loans secured against unusual assets. This kind of finance is offered for purchases such as plant, office and professional practice equipment, property, motor vehicles and lifestyle assets. Payment plans for this credit have been structured in order to maximise the client’s tax and cash flow benefits.

Under the motor vehicle finance, clients are offered financing options such as instalment sales with negotiable residual options, structured payment plans to minimise tax and maximise cash flow, flexible deposit and withdrawal of funds to help reduce repayments and save interest. It also comes with an online viewing facility and there is the possibility of earning up to 200,000 Investec dividend points if the motor vehicle is sourced through McCarthy.

Personal loans are offered by leveraging on the existing asset base. These secured loan packages use existing assets such as trading and non-trading share portfolios, unit trusts, investment products, cash investments, property and investment policies as collateral, giving  clients the resources they need to build wealth.

The setting up of a strong business practice foundation is one of the business areas Investec is concerned with. This is the reason why this finance is provided for setting up, buying into or equipping a business practice. Finance products offered here include transactional banking, private business account through to practice asset finance.

Specialised finance has been created for specialised financing needs such as diversification of investment interests or even maximising liquidity in complex financial transactions. These specialised finance services include the acquisition and funding of commercial property and aircraft, the acquisition and funding of private business enterprises and the funding of private holdings in listed companies.

Investec has set up customer friendly financing rates. These rates are the prime lending rate at 9.00%, Investec mortgage bond rate at 9.00% and Investec private bank Jibar linked lending base rate.

This financial institution can be contacted on 0112869663 or 0860110161.

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