Integrisure Insurance

Looking for a specialist in short-term insurance? Then Integrisure is the insurance company for you!
Situated in the heart of Roodepoort, Johannesburg, Integrisure provides you with lower premiums, 24/7 emergency assistance, superior customer service, insurance packages tailored to suit individual needs and online services.

Get GoldSure if you’re over 50, ClearSure for those under 50, and Business Insurance for if you’re a business owner for a variety in business packages.

Both the GoldSure and the ClearSure comes with value added services that include a Death Benefit Plan, Hospital Cash Plan, Monthly Vehicle Warranty Plan, and Appliance and Electronic Maintenance Cover.
Within the Business Insurance option, Integrisure specialises in Body Corporate, Transport, Plant & Contractors All Risk, Hospitality, Professional Indemnity and General Business. Within these sections Integrisure covers a range of hazards, risks and damages for your business. See the full list here


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