debt consolidation south africa

Debt consolidation in South Africa with Debt group

At any stage or even in any sphere of life, borrowing financial resources which is commercially and economically termed as being in debt is a necessary step which assists individuals or even entities to meet financial obligations and execute many other plans. Being in debt however comes with an obligation of paying back on agreed terms, debt repayment can potentially even turn into a huge burden especially if different streams of debt have to be incurred and serviced. One business entity alleviating burdens is Debt Group.

Debt consolidation South Africa

Debt Group located in South Africa is a financial concern which has committed itself to assisting clients in managing debt by employing debt consolidation through debt review. With a 100% confidentiality promise to clients and no obligations, Debt Group negotiates with creditors on behalf of the client.

This is done by consolidating all the debt into one amount which is repayable at a reasonable monthly installments. Many clients have been assisted to reduce the debt even up to 60% leaving them with more financial breathing space while dealing with debt at a steady rate. Debt counselors are involved in this process and then a government appointed agency known as a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) will take care of the payments on client’s behalf.

To be debt free will depend on a number of factors such as the size of your debt, interest rates, your affordability and the ability of your debt counsellor to negotiate good terms with your creditors.

Debt Group can be contacted through the company website and much needed assistance will be given.

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