Debt care- South Africa’s favourite debt solution company

As one of South Africa’s favorite debt solution companies, Debt Care has helped more than 3000 people become debt free since 2008.

The reality is that as much as 76% of the average household income in South Africa, is used to service debt. More South Africans are struggling to repay their debts  on a monthly basis and are finding themselves over-indebted or even blacklisted as a result. These unfavorable situations are the driving force behind Debt Care’s services.

Why choose Debt Care?

If you think that you may be over-indebted, approaching Debt Care may be the best first step you can take towards becoming debt free.

Debt Care’s first step is to review your debt status and determine how much debt you have. Within the first few days of the debt counselling process, you will experience debt relief immediately. Debt Care’s first priority is to ensure that you are legally protected from creditors.

Debt Care experts can restructure your debt and lower your monthly instalments to a minimum amount.

Debt counselling is a medium to long term process during which you pay a single lower instalment every month. This single payment covers all your debt.

Further benefits of choosing Debt Care include:

  • No more stress on payday
  • No more getting turned away at stores
  • No more threats from creditors
  • No more fear of being blacklisted

How to apply at Debt Care:

  • Fill in a contact form and a consultant will call you
  • Your debt status will be assessed
  • Once approved, you will need to send a copy of your ID and payslip

Debt Care’s experts will restructure your debt to a minimum monthly payment you can afford

Your creditors will be informed of your status as a client of Debt Care and they are no longer allowed to harass you.

You can then pay your new, lower monthly instalment and remain protected.

To contact Debt Care, call: 0861 977 873 or send an email to

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