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Debt Eraser, debt solutions specialists

Debt Eraser is a business establishment which was formed with a vision of a reliable solution house for the heavily indebted South African population. This is done by assisting clients meet their monthly financial commitments and retain their most valuable assets. Debt Eraser also helps in assisting to rehabilitate clients and empower them with knowledge to live a debt free lifestyle.
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Assupol loans, providing financial empowerment

Since 1913, South Africans have always looked to one business firm for all their insurance needs and this firm is none other than Assupol. Since establishment, Assupol has provided the South African public with products such as funeral covers, life cover, savings products, retirement annuity and group schemes as well as services such as Assupol direct, group schemes and the Assupol on call.
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UR Card, the convenient prepaid debit card

Credit cards have been the preferred means of managing day to day finances for many consumers. It is however a known fact that  credit cards come with certain short-comings such as security issues, high fees and hidden costs and of course the ease of swiping which results in excessive spending. To mitigate the negative factors associated with a credit card, the UR Card was designed.
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PayFast, effective payment medium

Technology has tremendously altered the global and local business landscape. Online trading and transactions have now become the norm of doing business at individual, retail or even commercial level. The need to have effective management companies and systems in such a technology driven environment becomes key. One business entity making a contribution in this regard is PayFast.
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Credit salvage corporation, taking care of your creditors

The process of repaying credit and debt can be quite frustrating and stressful in many instances. Even more stress is the complete failure to honour credit obligations. The failure to pay back debt results in acrimonious legal processes and fees, garnishee orders and generally property being repossessed.
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Iemas financial services

Iemas loans – A financial house that has been in the business for the last 75 years. What makes Iemas stand out from the rest is that it has adopted a unique business model which allows it to exist as a cooperative. The members are customers who utilise the products and the owners become members of the cooperative and each member enjoys the privilege of an equal vote.
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Verifone, the payment specialists

The information and communication technology industry has been the driving force behind the transformation of the financial and banking sectors. The marketing, business development and sales aspects of the business have all been enhanced by the use of technology. The use of technology has however come with its own risks such as constant threats on the security and safety of individual and business financial transaction details. One business entity providing solutions in this regard is Verifone.
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Effective ways of dealing with debt

South Africans are people who are drowning in debt. The easy access to quick cash has left many individuals and families battling with the burden of repayments. Recent statistic have indicated that approximately five million South Africans are battling with over-indebtedness, that is almost 14% of the total number of South Africans older than 16 years.
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Flexible electronic payment options in South Africa

Electronic payment options – One of the greatest business benefits arising out of the development and advancement of technology is the migration from conventional money movement and transactions means  to the electronic mode. This migration has brought card payment systems such as credit cards, debit cards, petrol cards, corporate cards, purchase cards, change cards and fleet cards.
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Credit centre, centralised financial solutions

A one stop financial house with solutions that cater for diverse needs is how Credit center can be described. The opportunity to get solutions to different financial challenges is what leads to convenience, speed, transparency and peace of mind in the financial markets. This business role is what makes Credit center a unique model.
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National empowerment fund solutions

The National Empowerment Fund (NEF) has managed to support broad-based black economic empowerment by providing financial and non-financial support to black empowered businesses. The provision of financial support has been done through an organised and systematic funding solutions system. The NEF funding is available through four different streams of funds and these are iMbewu fund, uMnotho fund, Rural and community development fund and the Strategic projects fund.
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Save Act financial services, empowering the vulnerable communities

Economic and social research has shown and proven that poverty at any level of society is addressed better if there is a sustainable effort in promoting and supporting the formation of savings and credit groups. These savings and credit groups play an important role in empowering vulnerable groups and reducing poverty. One organisation involved in these efforts is SaveAct.

SaveAct was established in 2005 in Pietermaritzburg with funding from the Ford foundation. Since its formation, SaveAct has been proactively involved in setting up specialist interventions, to date 200 savings and credit groups have been established in 46 rural and peri-urban communities in Kwazulu-Natal and Eastern cape provinces.

With most beneficiaries being women, these savings and credit groups offer good returns on savings ranging between 50% to 100% and there is ready access to saved money. SaveAct also offers its clients low interest loans as well as exposure to financial services and life skills training.

For partnership and assistance requests, SaveAct can be contacted on 0333451222.

Intecon south africa, collection and payment specialists

The success and failure of many business enterprises has often depended on the prudent collection and management of business revenue or income generated from the sale of goods or services. This process has however not been a smooth one considering the rampant cases of theft recorded. This described scenario is what necessitated the coming on the scene of Intecon.

Intecon is a registered system operator and third party payment provider offering various state of the art solutions in the complicated regulatory and payment environments. Intecon provides solutions such as ALLPS-i, ALLPS-m, INSOWEB, INSO123 and AVS . The Intecon payment streams include EDO, AEDO, NAEDO, EFT Debits and EFT credits.

Among the solutions is ALLPS-i which is an advanced web-based front end collection and payment management solution and it also supports employer maintainance in order to efficiently manage the clients main source of income. ALLPS-m gives clients the ability to go mobile which means with this solution, business can be done outside of a normal office environment where ADSL, HSDPA and 3G connectivity is not available. INSOWEB solution caters for small businesses and it allows deductions to be loaded through a user-friendly web-based solution, this is done by capturing individual deductions or via a file import. INSO123 is a specifically designed solution designed for high volume based businesses that operate in a centralised environment. AVS which stands for account verification service is a service which gives our users the ability to verify certain bank account details of a consumer.

One of the payment streams provided is EDO which is an acronym for early debit order, EDO is processed early in the morning immediately after banks have processed salary credits. AEDO payment instructions are created in real-time by the payer using a point of sale device supplied by Intecon. NAEDO deductions are presented using the Payers Bank Account details and the Payers are not required to be present when the deductions are created. Although amounts can be Disputed and successful payments received can be reversed, NAEDO shares all the characteristics of EDO and therefore increases the probability of success due to the time that the deductions are processed. Intecon provides an advanced EFT Debit Order solution which enables businesses or organisations to load all EFT Debits on a once-off basis and Intecon will present the EFT Debit Order for processing once it becomes due. EFT Credits is a payment service where a business or organisation credits the account of their client or employee in order to fulfil the obligations of an underlying agreement. This solution contains a fully integrated “rules engine” minimising risk associated with electronic payments.

With Intecon, the management of payments and collections has been made much easier and secure. Intecon can be contacted on 0129938383.

NSFAS loans – National student financial aid scheme, empowering students

National student financial aid loans – South Africa as a country has made great strides in ensuring that the right to quality education is attained by many citizens. This progress has seen an increased number of young people attaining quality results at high school level and consequently making them eligible for university or college education. The challenge confronting this glowing success story is the question of affordability on the part of prospective students. One institution which has stepped in to mitigate the highlighted financial challenge facing thousands of students is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).
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Lifeline debt solutions, providing relief to the indebted masses

Lifeline debt solutions – The South African populace is rated as one of the most indebted on the African continent. The massive size of the economy and the many readily available credit avenues have led many to fall into very unhealthy debt traps. The negative effects of being indebted are well documented and they include high stress levels, low morale and strained family and workplace relationships.

In a noble effort to  be part of the debt  solution, Lifeline debt solutions arrived on the South African financial market. Lifeline debt solutions is a debt management company whose headquarters is in Durban South Africa and focused on providing comprehensive and effective debt solutions which also includes counseling groups.

Lifeline has earned a reputation in the market for being a unique service provider with a personalised touch with each debt solution tailored according to individual circumstances. These solutions range from debt consolidation, debt management, debt reduction and debt elimination.

lifeline debt solutionsDrawing its strength from a pool of qualified debt counselors who are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), Lifeline debt solutions commitment is to ensure that clients debt problems are resolved.

Using a clear and tested system which involves the creditors, credit bureaus and the payment distribution agency, Lifeline assists many clients resolve debt matters without even demanding an upfront fee for the service.

Prospective clients can dial Lifeline on 0825849872 and fully trained, professional and friendly staff will be glad to assist and answer relevant questions regarding the unique Lifeline services. Expert Lifeline advisors are also available on the following contact numbers 0861001170.

Cell C airtime advance – innovative credit solution

Cell C airtime advance – South Africa is a country considered to be an economic powerhouse on the African continent with both the private and public sector harmoniously making significant contributions to the growth and strength of the economy. With such a huge intricate economic landscape comes the need for  effective and efficient telecommunications systems and networks. One telecommunication institution playing a pivotal role in this regard is Cell C.

Cell C is considered as South Africa’s third cell phone network and service provider boasting of over 11.5 million subscribers and operating a dual band GSM 900/1800 MHz data network. Apart from the strategy of having more customers who are paying less, what has also made Cell C a thriving business is its wide range of services and products. One product offering which is greatly assisting the retail clientele is the C Advance.

C Advance allows clients to access emergency airtime in moments of need and pay for it later, the C Advance amount plus the service fee is deducted from the next available recharge amount. This service which carries a R1 service fee allows clients to stay connected and make phone calls in moments when they are unable to recharge or buy more airtime. This unique product which has no limitations on how often a customer can use it is open to customers who have been with Cell C for a minimum period of 6 months and a customer should have recharged with an average of R30 per month for the last 6 months.

To access this service, customers can just dial *147# from the Cell C phone, select option 7 and follow voice prompts.

Cell C is indeed making a difference.

Vodacom’s cutting edge telecommunications solutions

A careful and critical analysis of the South African economic landscape would never be short of the name Vodacom. Vodacom is one of the leading cellphone service providers in South Africa with an estimated market share of 58% and more than 23 million customers.

The strength of this communications company is not limited within the confines of South Africa because Vodacom provides GSM services to more than 35 million customers in countries like Tanzania, Lesotho, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With an estimated annual revenue of R50 billion, Vodacom has earned a glowing reputation of introducing telecommunication service and product technologies for its personal, business and corporate clientele.

The Vodacom range of personal loans and services includes the phones and price plans and other promotions which allows clients to get prepaid voice bundles. The business range of services and products includes internet services, mobile solutions, web hosting, business solutions, voice over IP and other latest solutions like one net express and LTE broadband. Vodacoms corporate range of products and services ensures that costs are reduced and corporate organisations become more productive, these corporate range of services include internet services, data management, voice services, hosting solutions, support and other solutions like sharepoint and mobile applications.

With such a wide array of services and products, Vodacom has indeed stamped its authority as a reliable African Telecommunications giant.

Vodacom can be contacted on 0116166332.

UT Financial Services

A vibrant and thriving small medium enterprise is key to the development of a strong economy and financial freedom for many citizens. It has however been discovered and proven that one of the strongest barriers that smaller companies fail to overcome is access to finance which can be used to grow and expand these businesses. One institution which is making a contribution in this regard is UT financial services.

UT is a business house whose roots are deeply rooted in Ghana in West Africa. Established in 1997 as a finance house, UT has grown and expanded into a universal bank and is now listed on the Ghana stock exchange. In South Africa, UT financial services was established in 2011.

The UT loans are tailor-made for the entrepreneur in the small medium enterprises. The UT loans are structured to ensure they fit into specific enterprise vision for business growth. It is for this reason that they carry flexible repayment structures. Finance is also made available without unnecessary delays and bureaucracy of traditional lenders.

UT is indeed a pan African banking and finance institution with a sole focus of assisting the small scale business sector of the economy. Prospective clients can contact UT financial services on 0105912757 or simply fill in a quick online application form.

How to save money

How to save money in South Africa – The month of December always signals the end of the year. It is also a period of the year when the temptation to spend hard earned financial resources is at its peak due to the festive season mood that engulfs the planet. Enjoying the festive season and spending ones resources has never been discouraged, what has however proven to be detrimental is trying to spend beyond ones financial means, failing to save or even spend the well kept savings. Financial experts have however found ways and means to help people save and manage their finances better. Below are some of the methods one can implement:

Smart shopping – In order to help save finances, one must avoid impulsive buying. Instead plan your shopping and stick to the shopping plan and budget.

How to save money monthly
Avoid insurance loyalty – It’s advisable that one avoids being loyal to a particular home or car insurance provider. Try to compare quotes every year and divert if you can get the same cover for a cheaper premium elsewhere.

Clear the overdraft – If you discover that you are always in the red, its time to take a decisive action to clear it once and for all.

Ditch and switch expensive card balances – Store cards and credit cards can be quite a burden at times, by simply switching the debt to a 0% balance transfer card and paying off a minimum per month, you will be debt free in a short space of time.

Review direct debits and standing orders – One must carefully take a look at all regular payments going out of your bank account and ask whether it’s really necessary. In many cases you don’t have any choice but to pay items such as your council tax or water bill, but there are other entries that you could possibly do without. Cancelling payments to a gym/fitness club, a dental plan, magazine subscription, club memberships and other non-essential bills is a good way to kick-start your money saving plan and put extra pounds in the coffers.

Be more conscious of energy use – Try and keep those energy bills down, don’t leave electrical appliances on standby and turn the thermostat down one notch, every degree lower its switched down helps to save some money.

Avoid expensive habits – Habits like cigarettes, drugs and alcohol have the ability to drain ones financial resources with very little benefits in return. Kicking out such habits will go a long way in saving finances.

There are many more tips that one can use but the above will surely go a long way in kick-starting a responsible and saving lifestyle.

how to save money

Pick n Pay online shopping – Shop online and collect

Pick n Pay was established about five decades ago and it has since grown into one of the largest supermarket chain stores in South Africa. Its business presence has also spread in other parts of the Southern African region with stores opened in countries such as Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe etc. The world of business has incorporated innovative technological developments into their business operations, for Pick n Pay, this has translated into the introduction of an online shopping  platform.

Click n Collect in Pick n Pays new and trendy service which allows customers to place an order online and only to the physical shop for collection at a convenient time. This service has cut down the amount of time customers spend in ques and sometime time wasted waiting for delivery of the items. If the order is not collected on time, Pick n Pay ensures that items are kept safely and those requiring freezing or chilling are kept accordingly.

To collect items under this service, clients simply have to the stores information desk and provide the order number and the goods are collected at the counter. If a client decides to add on more goods on the online order while in the store, a quick payment for the extra goods will be facilitated in the store. If a customer is unhappy with any item, they can return the item to the staff member who delivered the order. These need to be marked on the copy of the invoice and will be processed for refund against the credit or debit card used for payment. Pick n Pay cannot refund cash in store for an order placed via online shopping.

Pick n Pay online shopping

With this online shopping platform, Pick n Pay shopping just got better.
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