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Global property loans bad credit finance

Having a bit of a rough month financially? Maybe that washing machine that you got fixed earlier on in the month totally blew your budget or that medical emergency you had to attend to could have been the main reason that left you strapped for cash and there is no way that you can make it through the month without some extra cash. Instead of turning to friends or family turn to global property especially if you have bad credit or have been blacklisted. If you have been blacklisted you are certainly not the only one as thousands of south africans are in the same boat as you and there is a solution for everyone.
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TymeDigital the new South African bank

TymeDigital – Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia also known as CBA is an integrated financial services group that is a pioneer in the financial industry. At CBA we are known as one of the largest banks globally when it comes to market capitalisation and we are featured in the Morgan Stanley Capital Global Index. As a group; we operate as the largest listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange and we pride ourselves in being the biggest financial services distribution network in the country.
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BMW Finance- finance options to suit your lifestyle

BMW is a world-renowned vehicle brand, often revered for its class and quality vehicle production. As more people strive to get behind the wheel of their own BMW, the company has made this much easier. Through BMW Finance more drivers are able to get access to the car of their dreams. Continue reading

Roles of commercial banks in South Africa

Apart from conducting the common banking functions, banks play a paramount role in the economic development of South Africa, a country that is characterized with poor, unemployed people engaged mostly in traditional agriculture. Apart from being Africa’s giant economy, South Africa has an acute shortage of resources for allocating proper housing for its people; most South Africans lack initiative and enterprise. As such, commercial banks assist to rise above some of these challenges and promote economic development.
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Jet financial services

Jet financial services, taking care of money matters

The list of reputable retail outlets in South Africa and across the border can never be complete without including the name Jet. Established in 1976, this brand has become the largest retailer in Southern Africa with more than 450 stores across South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland. Apart from the traditional retail products and services, Jet has managed to foster into prominence the Jet financial services.
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Shoprite money market

Shoprite money market, world of financial services in one place

The Shoprite brand was established in 1979. Today this retail house has rapidly grown and expanded within South Africa and beyond with 1,200 corporate and 270 franchise outlets in 16 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Operating on a philosophy of giving customers lower prices on food and household goods in a convenient shopping environment, Shoprite also offers other value added services such as LiquorShops, MediRite pharmacies with qualified pharmacies as well as Money Markets where consumers can make various third-party payments.
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Pick n Pay smart shopping - Omnichannel

Pick n Pay smart shopping, shopping with benefits

The retail sector has radically changed over the years from what it traditionally used to be.The advent of the internet age has brought about trends such as Omnichannel retailing, Social Media retailing, New retail careers as well as Mobile apps and payment systems. These trends have impacted on consumer behaviour and allowed consumers to take control of their purchase decisions. In a bid to be part of this development, renowned retail giant Pick n Pay introduced smart shopping.
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debt consolidation south africa

Debt consolidation in South Africa with Debt group

At any stage or even in any sphere of life, borrowing financial resources which is commercially and economically termed as being in debt is a necessary step which assists individuals or even entities to meet financial obligations and execute many other plans. Being in debt however comes with an obligation of paying back on agreed terms, debt repayment can potentially even turn into a huge burden especially if different streams of debt have to be incurred and serviced. One business entity alleviating burdens is Debt Group.
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Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People in South Africa

Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People in South Africa – V rentals, vehicle hire specialists

Vehicle ownership is quite often the ultimate goal for many people. There are however circumstances which hamper on the prospect of full ownership of a motor vehicle but rather necessitate the practice of renting. Some of the mitigating factors which go against full vehicle ownership include affordability, trying to transport huge groups of people and short-term visitation reasons. One business house which is catering for these needs is V rentals.
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Standard banks investment risk solutions

Standard banks investment risk solutions

It is an established fact in the world of business that every business organisation faces challenges or risks. The types of risk can vary from business to business but there are some which are very common in most businesses.These risk factors can be internal or external. How these risks are understood and managed in many cases is fundamental in business. It is from this background that Standard Bank has taken keen interest in developing risk solutions.

Standard bank has partnered with businesses in order to maximise revenue within risk and capital limits to ensure that business growth takes place within controlled and managed frameworks. Attention is given to both financial and non-financial risk areas including credit market, liquidity, country risk, compliance, operational, audit and legal. For strategic purposes, these risk areas are grouped into environmental risk and financial risk.

investment-risk-solutionsEnvironmental risk generally refers to the prospective sector or industry in which a business person wishes to set up a business and the targeted clientele.To establish this and provide the suitable solutions, key questions are asked and these are Is it a low, medium or high-risk industry? Who are your main competitors? How much competition is there? Are there any special factors that will attract customers to buy from you rather than from your competitors? How many main suppliers will you have and will they let you buy goods on credit? Does anyone else have similar products that could affect your business? How easy is it for new competitors to enter the market? Is your business seasonal? Will any political event or policy have an impact on your business, for example, strikes? How well do you know your target market? Have you got a good location? Are your premises owned or leased and do they allow for expansion and improvements at a later stage? How many skilled and unskilled staff will you be employing? What percentage of your staff will belong to trade unions and what is the culture of the trade union? How sensitive is your business to the ups and downs of the economy? etc.Once the answers to these questions are found, then the right risk solutions are tailored.

The financial aspect of risk is divided into the finances of your business and the security offered by the client. Standard Bank ensures that they establish how much cash is readily available for business and its source. As a precaution, this cash contribution cannot be in the form of other loans and it should be 20% to 50%, depending on the type of business and set up costs.The loan acquired must be from the cash flow which means there must be a cash flow projection for at least 24 months. A breakdown point should suggest a cash margin of safety of at least 20% which means there will be at least 20% more cash than the absolute minimum required. Security is determined by both personal and business assets and the equipment to be purchased can form part of the security you offer.

The above forms the Standard Bank risk package. Standard Bank can be contacted on 0860123000.


Nedbank Small Business Services

South Africa’s economy is to a large extent driven by a vibrant small scale business sector. It is however this very key sector which faces many challenges such as registration, information, financial capital and other resources. In order to alleviate all these challenges, Nedbank which is one of the country’s biggest financial institutions stepped into the picture by offering small business services.

One of the intervention measures Nedbank has come up with is to help small businesses register themselves. In order to ensure this is done, Nedbank has partnered with a company called SwiftReg who are specialists in new company registrations to enable registration of Nedbank clients in a convenient manner. Clients can also be assisted to change one type of business entity to another. This service ultimately removes the need for an accountant or lawyer in this process.

Any client opening a Nedbank small business services current account can make use of this account but its even more suitable to busineses in the startup phase of business. An annual turnover of between R150,000 and R7.5 million per annum is also a prerequisite.

Customers can make use of this service by visiting any Nedbank branch,ask for a Nedbank small business services representative, this representative will then request the necesary information and facilitate the process of registration.The SwiftReg fee is R390 for a new (pty) Ltd which includes the first director and shareholder, afterwards a charge of R30 per director and shareholder will be demanded.These fees can be paid directly into the companys account at the bank teller. A copy of the deposit slip must then be given to the banker who processes the documents.

The Nedbank small business service is definitely helping to lay foundations for many businesses.

You can apply for a Nedbank loan here

How to challenge a blacklisting

The term blacklisting is one that resonates with many people around South Africa. This is because many in various circles can relate to the paralysing consequences of being blacklisted. For many, the deep waters of blacklisting can be very difficult to navigate through or even challenge.

What is blacklisting? To blacklist in the financial sector is to list an individual or entity as being unworthy of being trusted with credit.The term blacklist can also mean a variety of things, from having an account in arrears to having a judgement against you. Enforcement action listings is when a service provider has listed an individual for non-payment. Subjective action listings is when a service provider has listed you for slow payment, late payment, deliquency or absconding.
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Vodacom M-Pesa, secure way to transfer money

Vodacom M-pesa is a product brand which has swept through the financial markets like wildfire. M-pesa has received a warm and incredible welcome since it entered the markets and its growth levels has been short of breathtaking. M-pesa has raised the stakes in sending and receiving money.

M-pesa is a mobile money wallet that allows customers to store their money safely, access it easily, send money anywhere affordably and get airtime benefits. In partnership with arguably South Africas biggest mobile communications company Vodacom, the Vodacom m-pesa was launched.

This innovative money transfer platform allows users to transfer money into your m-pesa wallet from any bank account, deposit and withdraw money at any authorised Vodacom m-pesa shop, store money in your m-pesa wallet without any monthly fees. Others are the withdraw of money at any SASWITCH ATM, at authorised retailer POS devices or at participating shops, pay for goods in store using the prepaid m-pesa Visa card where applicable, transfer m-pesa funds to anyone in South Africa with a cellphone and buy airtime from your cellphone.

The requirements to have m-pesa wallet are very simple, you must be an active Vodacom subscriber, have a South African identity book and be 16 years and above. You can register for m-pesa wallet by dialing *111# and follow the instructions or by going to a m-pesa shop with your South African identity book.

With Vodacom m-pesa, money transfer will never be the same again.


RC investment group, private loan lenders

Finance which can be accessed expeditiously with flexible conditions remains the preference of many individuals and families. Stats have also indicated that clients prefer private lenders as compared to public lenders. This interest and desire for more private lenders has led to the establishment of many micro lending firms giving individuals and families convenient access to cash and flexible application and repayment conditions. One of those micro lenders making a difference is RC investment group.

RC is a private investor and a private loan lender.This fast growing finance house offers loans and investment service at a low-interest rate to individuals and business organisation. RC offers personal loans, business loans, debt consolidation loans, commercial loans, real estate loans, hard money loans etc.These loans are offered at 3% interest rate with repayment periods ranging between 1 to 30 years. Loan amounts offered are from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $500,000,000 and currencies offered include USD, CAD, KWD, OMR, SGD, RUB, GBP, AUD, MYR, ZAR, IDR, UAH, PHP and EURO.

To qualify for this credit, one needs to be 18 years and above, be in possession of a South African ID, present proof of income in terms of payslips and have a bank account where income is deposited and debit orders can be deducted.

RC financial group can be contacted through various online platforms.


Tips for foreign investors in South Africa

South Africa is among the fastest developing economies around the world. The growth of this economy is as a result of sound economic policies which encourage the participation of both local and foreign business entities. For foreign investors considering or even starting up their own business ventures, it is important to consider certain tips in order to thrive in South Africa.

Immigration – It is essential that you familiarise yourself with the country’s immigration laws especially with regards to the legal requirements of setting up a business.

Business contacts – Start by talking to entrepreneurs with experience in doing business in South Africa. Don’t focus on potential business partners only, but also on South African institutes such as local authorities and branch organisations.

Business plan – Set up a solid business plan and do market research, set clear goals and ambitions, know your niche market and know about your competitors. Without this knowledge, starting a successful business operation is most unlikely.

Challenges – Understand where to expect challenges, culture and languages, intellectual property rights, trade barriers, logistics, personnel and bureaucracy.

Government – A new business entity should take time to know the Government structure and the decision-making processes as well as levels of service delivery for services like water and electricity.

CSI – Being a good corporate citizen goes a long way in developing your business especially as a foreign entity. Develop a CSI policy which allows you to support some form of charity or other type of development projects.

The above tips should be able to assist foreign businesses stepping into South Africa.

Tips on building small business brands

Advice on building small business brands

Building a business enterprise is a journey and an experience which turns out very differently for different people. The chances of failure or success are determined by the steps and decisions made by business owners. Below are some tips which can help entrepreneurs build successful brands.

Be unique – It is important for a business house to consider doing what others do not do in the industry. Being unique gives a business house a competitive edge over other business houses and gives customers the reason to buy your products.

Grow your community – It is human psychology that if people trust a brands community, they will extend trust to the brand. It is therefore important that a great amount of time is dedicated towards building strong client and consumer communities. This can be done online and offline. Online tools such as Twitter, Facebook can assist in this regard.

Build great products and services – A business house must understand that even a strong brand will suffer when it creates average or below average products or services. It is therefore important to live up to the set standards and be constantly innovative.

Have a good name and logo – A strong brand is easily recognisable and this recognition starts with the name of your business. The name will appear on your business cards, letterhead, website, social networks, promotional materials etc. It’s also not enough to have a recognisable name, people commonly associate brands with the brands logo. As you decide on the logo, keep your audience and products in mind because you want your logo to reflect your company.

Find your voice – Your company’s voice is the language and personality you and your employees will use to deliver your branding message and reach your customers. successful brands speak with a unique voice.

Be consistent – To build and maintain a strong brand, every aspect of your brand should be as good as your product or service and you must be consistent  in presenting your brand.This includes not only your company’s name, logo, overall aesthetic design, products and services, but also includes your marketing materials, website, appearances at trade shows and conferences, content posted to social networks, etc.

Keep your promises – Failing to keep your promises can tarnish your relationships with customers. Happy customers who feel good about your business are your best source of referrals.

Empower your customers – How your brand is perceived is determined by your customers and potential customers. People can become your brands ambassadors through their own networks. Spend time nurturing relationships with such people. If you help your customers succeed, the customers will in turn help the brand succeed.

The above tips should be able to help your business entity get off to a great start.

tfg financial services contact details

Foschini group financial services

Foschini is a renowned retail brand which opened its doors in 1925. Todate this top womens fashion authority has opened 200 stores around South Africa and beyond. These stores offer ladies wear, footwear, accessories, fine jewellery, cosmetics and fragrances as well as kidswear. Foschini also happens to be the second largest departmental retailer of cosmetics in South Africa representing major international brands including Clarins, Clinique, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Yardley and Loreal.

In order to give financial power to a growing number of retailers and consumers, Foschini group financial services was established. This firm manages the groups in-store credit card programme that consists of 14 different card formats. Running under the flagship of RCS, this partnership helps prospective clients to open accounts and purchase at other stores like Markham, Exact, Fashion Express, Donna Claire, Luella, American Swiss, Sterns, Matrix,Totalsport, Sportscene, Duesouth and @ Home.

To qualify for the Foschini account, a client needs to be 18 years and above, show proof of residence and be in a position to earn some income. For those who wish to pay for accounts by debit order, you should complete a debit order instruction form at the store, the store will then fax the form to the customer services department for processing. The following details need to be provided, bank account number, bank name, branch name, bank branch number, type of account, name of account holder and ID.

Foschini financial services can be contacted on 0860104764.

Optimum Savings Account

Nedbank optimum savings accounts

Optimum Savings Account, Nedbank has picked innovation as a guiding principle in the provision of its products and services. With a clientele which is diverse in age, race and financial status, this bank has endeavored to cater for them all. One product offering introduced to cater for a particular group of clients is the optimum savings accounts. This account has been designed for clients who are 55 years and older who have at least R10,000 invested in a Nedbank fixed or notice deposit account.

This account offers great features and benefits such as exemption from most transaction and maintenance fees, interest rates are identical to those of an ordinary savings deposit account, interest is earned on all credit balances, it’s an attractive method of saving funds at market related rates, while at the same time allowing for immediate access to funds. You can transact or make enquiries on your account via any ATM or self-service terminal at any Nedbank branch, over the internet or via telephone banking.

The qualification requirements for this account include the fact that you must be 55 years old, you need to have at least R10,000 invested in a Nedbank fixed or notice deposit account, R50 opening deposit is required, R30 minimum balance is to be maintained at all times or the accumulated charges, whichever is the greatest.

To apply for this account, Nedbank can be contacted on 0860115060.


Standard banks ContractSave

Standard banks size and power in the financial and banking industry can best be measured by the fact that this bank operates in 32 countries around the world including 19 in Africa. This revered banking institution has earned a long-lasting reputation for providing banking and other financial services to individual customers as well as small and medium enterprises in South Africa and Africa. In order to serve its huge clientele well, Standard Bank introduced the ContractSave.

ContractSave is a savings facility which allows clients to commit a certain amount of money every month for a period of time. Some of the features of this product include the fact that you can not withdraw the funds or stop deposits at maturity of the investment but you can choose to reinvest, your funds are available at maturity, you select a monthly debit order amount of R100 or more to fund the ContractSave account, you can make additional deposits whenever you want to, your bonus interest increases each year up to a maximum, so the longer you save the higher the bonus interest you can earn. You earn competitive interest rates and an additional bonus interest after every year for up to four years, you can choose the period that you wish to save for, from 12 months to 20 years, monthly debit orders from a Standard Bank transactional account into your ContractSave account are free and you can choose to have your debit order amount automatically increased each year.

ContractSave accounts can be opened at any Standard Bank branch and they are operated as personal accounts. Minors may open an account with their parents or guardians consent. Basic requirements for this account include a South African ID, valid passport with work permit or student visa. For any questions regarding this savings account, Standard Bank can be contacted on 0112994701.