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Barclaycard, the global credit card

A credible and strong financial institution or facility is measured by many factors. Some of these factors include  usage flexibility and coverage area. A credible financial institution or facility should provide flexibility and be open to usage in far and wide corners of the world. One financial tool or facility that fits this description is the Barclaycard.
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British airways credit card, providing flying benefits

British Airways has for decades now earned global acclaim for being one of the best airlines in the world. With a business footprint across all continents, British airways strives to provide products and services which make air travel convenient and affordable. To reaffirm this described commitment, British Airways has launched its own branded British airways credit card.
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Discovery card, changing how credit is done

Discovery was established about 20 years ago to be a specialist health insurer. By using unparalleled financial and behavioral structures that meet clients needs, Discovery has created a multifaceted, integrated financial services organization which has expanded beyond the provision of health insurance. Discovery’s product and service range now caters for clients financial needs and security. One of those products leading the way in this regard is the Discovery card.

The Discovery card is a credit card that gives a client cash back, discovery miles if activated and boosted Pick n Pay smart shopper points.

The cash back benefit is attained when clients make purchases in the wide Discovery store network. With every purchase made for anything like homeware, sportswear, outdoor equipment etc, a client is rewarded with a 20% cash back. Discovery has also partnered with some of the worlds best travel experts, with a Discovery card clients can book holidays with world leisure holidays, royal Caribbean international and Contiki and get cash back which depends on the vitality status. The Discovery miles simply means for every R12 a client spends on the discovery card, they earn one discovery mile, for a yearly fee of R320, Discovery miles are activated. Points earned can also be converted to Avios or SAA voyager miles. The  cashback retail system works in a very smart way, when a client makes a purchase at a partner store, client will be charged the full amount at the stores but Discovery will pay back the cash into the primary cardholders account at the end of the statement period. The maximum amount that a client gets back for each partner store is limited to 30% of the total Discovery card expenditure in that statement period.

The Discovery card is indeed a revolutionary card. To access this unique card, Discovery can be contacted on 0860112273.

BlueBean credit cards

The technology revolution has affected every facet of our daily lives and this includes the financial and banking industry. The financial and banking industry has benefited a great deal from technological developments. Simple services like depositing cash, withdrawing cash, paying bills and accounts which used to take time can now be done at the click of a button. One of the offshoots of this technological revolution has been the credit card phenomenon. Credit cards have become integral tools in today’s financial market.

One of the business entities that have tapped into this growing credit card business segment is bluebean financial services. Bluebean is an indigenous South African independent credit card company with innovative ideas which are driven by competitive pricing and value for clients spent time and money.

Bluebean believes in providing secure and user friendly services and products which give clients peace of mind. This is the reason why they have come up with a variety of credits cards for clients, these are classic credit card, silver credit card, gold credit card, premium credit card and secondary credit card. All the bluebean credit cards carry a 55 days interest free credit on balances paid in full and there are no transaction fees whenever you swipe your credit card.

Bluebean also provides intermediary banking services aimed at promoting self-service banking. With free subscription, clients can view statements, make payments and buy prepaid airtime using internet banking, cellphone banking etc.

Bluebean can be contacted on 0860 121 131.

Benefits of using American Express credit cards

The American Express Credit Card is one of the longest serving and surviving credit cards on the market. It was first introduced on the market in 1958 by the American Express Company. It is therefore a pioneering credit card which has been tested in different economic environments and times.

The American express credit card boasts of being a unique credit card which has no spending limit as long as a client has the means to pay outstanding balance each month, it also carries the benefit of having a 55 day interest free period.

The american express credit card comes in four categories which is the platinum card, gold card, platinum credit card and the gold credit card.
The platinum card enables clients to have upgrades and special airfares on certain airlines, dedicated travel and lifestyle service which includes VIP airport lounge access and special offerings at over 700 of the worlds finest hotels and resorts globally. Clients on this card should earn R750 000 or more annually and they only pay an annual fee of R3050 and a once off initiation fee of R3050.

The American express gold card allows for dedicated travel service and access to local airport lounges. To attain this card, clients must earn R200 000 or more annually and they pay an annual service fee of R515 and a once off initiation fee of R515.

American express platinum credit card offers clients preferential interest rate, up to eight free visits per calendar year to the premier club domestic lounges in South Africa, travel insurance as well as balance transfer at preferential interest rates. To access this card, clients should earn R300 000 or more annually and they pay a monthly service fee of R56.00 and a once off fee of R112.

The American express gold credit card allows clients to have travel insurance benefit and balance transfer at preferential interest rates. Clients should earn R120 000 annually and they pay a monthly service fee of R23.75 and a once off initiation fee of R112.

It must be noted however that eligible spending on this card includes all local and international purchases but excludes cash withdraws, purchases of casino chips and travellers cheques, purchase fees and finance charges. The Payment type on all these cards is that clients must pay balance in full.

American express can be contacted on 011 294 4444.

Woolworths Credit Cards

The mention of the word Woolworths on the streets or corridors across South Africa provokes visions of quality clothes and food. It is this attribute that has helped this acclaimed shopping house endear itself to the many clients it serves.

The attribute of good quality clothes can never be complete without clients having a convenient way of paying for that quality provided.

It is in that light that Woolworths has pulled out all stops to ensure their goods are easily accessible but there is also a user friendly and convenient way of making transactions even in moments of limited finances by using the Woolworths Credit Card.

Woolworths provides the Black Credit card which provides 3% back on purchases made. There is also the Gold Credit Card which provides 2% back on purchases made. The last one is the Silver Credit Card which provides 1% percent back on purchases made.

Because Woolworths is committed to providing an international service, the woolworths credit card enables their esteemed clients to do their shopping in over 29 million outlets around the world. Woolworth is a family shop,they  have therefore endeavored to provide additional cards for family members at no additional cost and everything paid for with these cards will contribute towards the vouchers. For as long as the account is paid in full before due date, you wont pay any interest. The budget facility on the credit card allows  clients to make larger purchases on limited finances and the repayment period ranges from 6 months to 60 months.

The success of Woolworths is supported by a firm belief that while making profits drives the business, they have also dedicated ourselves to serving the community in partnership with  clients. In this regard, every month Woolworths raises over R1 million for schools and charities around the country. Clients especially those using the credit become charitable partners in the humanitarian efforts.

The Woolworths credit card is therefore not just a card but a password to quality,convenience and service. Join Woolworths by contacting them on 0861 50 20 05.

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