Budget insurance – offering low premiums and an array of benefits

As a leading insurance provider, Budget insurance strives to give clients great insurance products at low premiums and with an array of benefits included in every policy.

With operations underpinned by world-class systems, Budget insurance is high on value and low on premiums.
Offering great insurance products allow, low premiums for more than a decade, Budget Insurance offers clients access to a wide range of insurance products tailored to suit their needs.

Insurance products offered by Budget Insurance:

Car insurance
It’s essential to make sure that your car is properly insured. With the high rate of vehicle theft on some countries and the chance that you might get into an accident, having car insurance can be ideal to prevent potential financial ruin.
Through Budget Insurance, you can get access to Comprehensive. Third Party, Fire and Theft or Third Party Only cover.

Home Contents Insurance
It makes sense to insure your valuables properly, so that you don’t have to face handling the replacement or repair costs by yourself.
You can get cover for loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, power surge, explosion, storms, etc.

Buildings Insurance
With this policy you can avoid paying out of your own pocket for environmental and accidental damage that might happen. Through this cover, you can claim for damages to the physical structures of your home and outbuildings.
Budget insurance buildings insurance provides cover for damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, earthquakes, animals, vehicles and falling trees, break-in or theft.

Business insurance
This type of cover is carefully designed to cater for the unique needs of your specific business. For instance, you could get motor cover for your business vehicles. Additional cover includes fire cover for damage to your buildings, machinery, tools and equipment as well as office contents cover and business interruption cover.

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