Branson centre of entrepreneurship, propelling small businesses

Richard Branson is a self-made billionaire and a business magnet. He is famously known around the world as the founder of the Virgin Group which comprises of more than 400 companies. Perhaps what makes Richard Branson an admirable business figure is not his estimated $4.6 billion net worth but rather his entrepreneur ability to build a business empire from the bottom. Arising out of a strong desire to share his business experiences and assisting in building a new generation of entrepreneurs, the Ricard Branson centre of entrepreneurship was launched in South Africa.

The Branson centre of entrepreneurship is a premier global leadership initiative which is partly funded by Virgin Unite and other investors. The vision behind this initiative is to ensure entrepreneurs are united to tackle tough social and environmental problems in an entrepreneur way. The initiative is of significant importance in a country like South Africa where the economy depends on a thriving micro business sector to create economic growth and jobs.

This centre offers financing opportunities to enable business growth, opportunities to meet some of the biggest names in business, practical business skills training including finance, people management, legal and IT, networking opportunities, mentors to share their good and bad business experiences, access to accountants or lawyers to ensure businesses are protected and enjoy the expertise and support of the Virgin Group.

The Branson centre of entrepreneurship can be contacted on 0114030613.

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