Bad credit loans, the blacklisted clients credit solution

Bad credit loans – The desire to assist individuals and families who are blacklisted or have bad judgements against them was the motivation behind the establishment of Bad Credit. Bad Credit is a South African based financial broker which has over the years assisted thousands of people to find loans and meet pressing personal expenditure needs like education fees, medical bills, home renovations, car repairs etc.

Using an innovative simple online application process, this finance broker assists clients with personal loans of up to R150,000. This has been made possible due to the strategic partnerships developed with various loan providers over the years. To qualify for this credit, one needs to be 18 years and above, have an income of R1,500 or more per month, be in possession of an ID, show proof of residence and have a bank account where income is deposited and repayment debit orders can be collected.

Apart from the loans, clients can use this reputable firm for a service package which offers an insurance claims processing service. This service is offered because the administration of insurance claims is important but also risks rejection if relevant paperwork is not done properly. Through this service, clients are therefore assisted with the submission of insurance claims to various insurance companies and brokers.

Through this claim processing service, Bad Credit does the telephone and email correspondence, claim form completion, all quotes needed for the claim, submission of claim form, keeping a client informed of the process and ensuring that the claim is finalised in the shortest possible time. This assistance helps to save time and money.

Bad Credit can be contacted on 0212020578.

A loan application can done here.

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